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Gavin Chilcott

Born 1950

Gavin Chilcott completed a Degree in Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts; The University of Auckland in 1970.

Chilcott has been called a New Image painter since his inclusion in Auckland City Art Gallery's New Image exhibition of 1983. As a New Image painter he alludes to and directly transplants from the work of other painters.

Chilcott delights in the theatrical placing organic shapes alongside geometric forms creating ambiguous space. The curtain has become a personal symbol (his parents once ran a drapery shop) and he draws inspiration for his two-dimensional patterns from painted fabric.

Gavin Chilcott's art has been exhibited since the early 1980s. He work has had exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. He currently lives in Auckland

Elva Bett, New Zealand Art; a modern perspective, Reed, 1986 pp 109-110

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