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Noel Cusa


Noel Cusa (B.Sc, Ph.D), a bird artist and illustrator, trained as an industrial chemist. In 1967 his graphic approach and strong sense of colour and composition led him to be selected to produce cover designs for several issues of Birds, the magazine of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). He subsequently also illustrated several books including Birds and Islands (1991), New Zealand Endangered Species (1980) and Flight of the Storm Petrel (1983) by R. M. Lockley, as well as writing two biographical memoirs on Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (British Painter 1901-1979): Tunnicliffe's Birdlife (1985) and Tunnicliffe's Birds (1984).

Born in Britain, Noel Cusa was drawn to New Zealand by his daughter who married and settled here. He is a leading member of the Society of Wildlife Artists. When not in New Zealand he lives near the sea in East Anglia.

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