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Stephen Bolwell Ferner Represented Artist

Born 1951

British born Stephen Bolwell studied zoology at the Royal College of Science in London. After graduating, he began a career in Television, initially as a scriptwriter, and later as a cameraman.

In the mid 1970s he began working for the BBC Natural History Unit filming sequences for 'Life on Earth' and working on various David Attenborough series. He also worked on the BBC's Millennium Celebration Series of British Wildlife, for the New Zealand Natural History Unit and was the only British cameraman to work on 'The Nature of Australia' series. During the 1990s, Bolwell became interested in special effects putting together sequences for both the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

In the late 1990s, when Stephen Bolwell became a full time artist, successfully exhibiting both abstract and realist paintings. His interest in the natural world has inclined him towards environmental subjects and he frequently uses endangered animals and tribal people, juxtaposing abstract and realist forms within a Pop-Art style.

Small animals are often painted 'supersize' and there are hidden meanings in some of his paintings. However, rather than dwelling upon the more negative aspects of a sadly shrinking natural world, Bolwell's paintings are positive and painted with bright colours, an influence from when he spent time filming in the Tropics.

Stephen Bolwell is now based in New Zealand and represented exclusively by Ferner Galleries.

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