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Alfred Wallis

Born 1855, Died 1942

The English naïve or "outsider" artist Alfred Wallis was born in Devonport, Plymouth. He was first in the merchant marine and around 1875 he became a fisherman. In 1890 he moved to St Ives, Cornwall
and established a business selling second hand or salvaged marine equipment. After his wife died in 1922 he took up painting and in 1928 was "discovered" by the painters Christopher Wood and Ben Nicholson. In March 1929, the year Frances Hodgkins became a member, two of Wallis's paintings were included in the Seven & Five Society exhibition at Tooth's and, in 1931, 20 paintings were shown at the Wertheim Gallery. In 1940 Nicholson presented one of Wallis's paintings to the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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