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Paul Martinson

Born 1956

Primarily a realist, Paul Martinson's oeuvre has been characterised by the placement of wildlife in imaginative and unusual settings. While this is true of his new work, the velvety palettes and textures, innovative compositions and sensual human qualities set them apart in every respect from his earlier work. Furthermore, these new works display a greater debt to surrealism and the imagination, tendencies that confirm Martinson as a modern painter in the first degree.

The notion of 'pure psychic automatism' is a concept largely inspired by Freud's 'free association in psychoanalysis', and one at the heart of Andre Breton's Surrealist's Manifesto of 1924. Under the influence of automatism the artist attempts to circumvent inner censorship by allowing free reign to streams of thought. However, while the impetus for this group of works is born of these tendencies and therefore ground very much in the subjective, Martinson is clear that they are not confined to the genre of surrealism, but have come to inhabit a private or personal region of their own.

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