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Philip Clairmont Investment Artist

Born 1949, Died 1984

The music of Hendrix and the Stones spill overflow from the vibrant images of Philip Clairmont. He loved the notion of insanity and art; the thought of using manic energy to make wonderful art works was his ultimate, romantic dream.

The 60's and 70's were a period of worldwide social revolution; this was the time of Clairmont and his creativity. He attended Canterbury School of Fine Arts where he was taught by Rudi Gopas, Doris Lusk and Don Peebles. He soon evolved his work into the Neo Expressionist style, which was a response to the time which he was part of. Not unlike the first wave of expressionism in Europe with Beckmann and Kirchner, Clairmont's works used strong lines and loud (psychedelic) colours to send a resounding and discordant message.

His subject matter often referenced his immediate environment, which he would render using distorted perspective and fractured forms. The furniture would take on an anthropomorphic style suggestive of hallucinatory spaces, which the artist would often find himself in.

Philip Clairmont conveyed himself as a suffering and crucified artist, a definite admiration for, and affinity with, Vincent Van Gogh. His works challenge the conventions of formal high art in that he used alternative materials such as biro, crayon and acrylics onto anything that was available. When we see a Clairmont painting we embrace not only a visual feast, but also the times and spaces which Philip Clairmont inhabited.

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