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Ferner Catalogue Autumn 2008 (25.0)
Ferner Catalogue Autumn 2006 (25.0)
Ferner Galleries Twenty Years (Soft cover, 20.0)
Ferner Galleries Twenty Years (Hard cover, 50.0)
Ferner Catalogue Summer 2004 (25.0)
Ferner Catalogue Spring 2004 (25.0)
Ferner Catalogue 2003 (25.0)
Ferner Catalogue 2001 (25.0)
Ferner Catalogue 1998 (25.0)
Ian Scott: The Model Series Paintings 1996 - 2004 (39.95)
'Gateways of Harmony: The Paintings of Helen Stewart.' (5.0)
Spencer, John, Moore and Their Contemporaries (25.0)
Extinct Birds of New Zealand By Alan Tennyson and Paul Martinson (65.0)
E. Mervyn Taylor Artist: Craftsman (59.95)
'John Buckland Wright: The Golden Cockerel Years.' (15.0)
Towards Aotearoa (65.0)
Rainbow over Mount Eden: Images of Auckland (120.0)
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