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Colin Webster Watson Ferner Represented Artist

Born 1926, Died 2007

Colin Webster-Watson was born in New Zealand he has lived in many places including Italy. These different natural environments have had an unconscious influence on his creative spirit. His great love of the sea, it denizens and flora, exploring Neptune's domain, a passion that remains today.

He left New Zealand for Europe, developing a great admiration for early Egyptian, Greek and Roman art. He studied Picasso's paintings and was particularly interested in the way that artist eliminated unnecessary lines and forms to reveal only the essence of creation. While visiting Paris he discovered the work of nineteenth-century sculptor Rodin, whose spirituality and sensuality have been a major influence on the development of the New Zealander's work.

It was while living in Rome that Webster-Watson focused on being a sculptor. His talent blossomed and took form, like the clay in his hands and in the words of his reviewer, "his sculptures are a marrying of movement and metal." Whether large or small, his pieces are sensuous flows of shimmering bronze and explorations of light and shadow. The artist's love for animals and birds, mythology and the sea is visible in many of his sculptures.

Webster-Watson, who signs his work simply "Colin", works in stone, predominantly marble and produces limited-edition bronzes. One of his sculptures 'The Tail of a Whale' was gifted to the Wellington City Council in 2006. It is now installed permanently on Oriental Parade, one-hundred metres east of Freyberg Pool, for Wellingtonians to enjoy.

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