Buying Art - Strategies for A Successful Collection

Buying Art - Strategies for A Successful Collection

In many ways buying art is similar to buying property or equities: the security of your capital is the highest priority, the quality determines the eventual return, and prices are determined by supply and demand.

Most new work produced by current practising artists will not return your original cost. Purchasing new works by emerging, yet to be proven artists, is high risk - you may reap spectacular rewards but on a percentage basis, you are more likely to make a loss on your purchase if you resell within five years.

Buying art should follow carefully planned strategies within well established criteria. Ferner Galleries' Directors offer expert advice on all aspects of purchasing New Zealand art and give a written, unconditional guarantee of authenticity with every work of art sold

Ferner Art Buyers Guide
We have prepared these documents as a summary of what you should and should not do when purchasing fine art. They cover all aspects of purchasing paintings, including the pitfalls to be avoided. Providing you take care in your selection, we know from successful collectors that our recommendations will help you buy fine New Zealand art which is both satisfying and rewarding

Investment Artists
Brown, Nigel Investment Artist
Dagley, Arthur Investment Artist
Fristrom, Claus Edward Investment Artist
Frizzell, Richard (Dick) Investment Artist
Gopas, Rudi Investment Artist
Hotere, Ralph Investment Artist
Page, Evelyn Investment Artist
Scott, Ian Investment Artist
Smither, Michael Investment Artist
Stringer, Terry Investment Artist
White, Anna Lois Investment Artist
Woollaston, Sir Tosswill Investment Artist
Younghusband, Adele Mary Investment Artist
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