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Gregor Kregar b. 1972
Red Pygg (Pygg/Piggy Bank Series)
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Red Pygg (Pygg/Piggy Bank Series) 2006
glazed ceramic earthenware
Image Size: 200 x 300mm (7.9 x 11.8in)
Stock Number: 34589

Price category under $2,999

The Pygg Bank Project, started in Melbourne in 2005, consisted of 140 glazed earthenware ceramic pigs based on traditional 'piggy' banks.

These 'piggy' banks are all dressed in colourful business suits, shirts and wearing ties. They look like mass produced cute, round happy pigs, yet more challenging readings are introduced.

The artist comments "I am interested in the role the piggy bank occupies in western cultural imagination and how consumerism is taught at a young age: we throw the money in, 'piggy' gets fat, we smash it, buy the desired goods and so the world goes round. I want to use the familiar 'piggy' bank but change it in a way that would remind us of our false consumerist legacy".

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